A.H.-Roanoke, IL (Strong Way Sleeve)
“Steve and Phil finished the column repair on my building in just a single day, very impressed with the results”

C.W. – Farmers City, IL (Strong Way Sleeve)
“Wow! , just WOW! , Really neat systems to fix my building”

D. Paul – Pleasant Plains, IL (Strong Way Column)
“I did lots of research to find the right foundation for my new building. I landed on the Strong Column and I am fully impressed! They set all of the columns in just a few hours and they are Perfectly level and my new building looks fantastic! I highly recommend this foundation system”

D. Van – Buffalo, NY (Strong Way Column)
“I’m a DIY guy… this is an awesome system, really easy to install, provided me with a rock-solid foundation that will never rot”

D. Smith – Addison, VT (Strong Way Column)
“Excellent Value, Well Built, wonderful customer service, Easy”

D. R. – Morton (Strong Way Sleeve)
“The Strong Sleeve saved our building”

E. M. – Novelty, OH (Strong Way Sleeve)
“Great repair system, thanks for helping with the install! Highly recommended.”

G. Don – Williamsport, IN (Strong Way Socket)
“Strong Sockets were the perfect fix to my problem, they arrived with a beautiful powder coat finish and were a perfect fit for my columns. Very easy to install and great customer service”

H. W. – Galesburg, IL (Strong Way Sleeve)
“My building has squeaked and made noise since the day it was built, once the Strong Way Sleeves were installed it doesn’t squeak anymore”

J.D. S. – Springfield, IL (Strong Way Socket)
“I thought my old shop was a goner, Phil and Steve repaired the rotten columns and adjusted the height to level up the sagging areas”

J. J. – Forrest, IL (Strong Way Sleeve)
“These guys really know their stuff, arrived quickly and did an amazing job! My old building is going to last me many more years.”

J. N. – Litchfield, IL (Strong Way Sleeve)
“Wonderful experience, I have told many of my friends about this system. I appreciated the timeliness of the install and the quality and strength of the end product”

J. W. – Victoria, IL (Strong Way Sleeve)
“This was the best money I have spent”

J. Covert – Tiskilwa, IL (Strong Way Sleeve)
“The results speak, I can’t the strength the sleeves added to my failing columns”

J. S. – Edwardsville, IL (Strong Way Sleeve)
“I liked the product and the customer service so well that my son ordered the Strong Way Columns for his new building”

J.S. - Grant Park, IL (Strong Way Sleeve)
“So glad I found this system, I’m getting too old to dig out anymore old posts”

J. Fehr – Chenoa, IL (Strong Way Column)
“My customers love the Strong Way Column, easiest foundation system I have ever installed”

J. Jacob – Graettinger, IA (Strong Way Sleeve)
“I heard about this system from a friend, Phil came out to show us how to install them. We loved how easy they went in and our customer is tickled with the repair”

K. W. – Assumption, IL (Strong Way Sleeve and Strong Way Sockets)
“I was a little skeptical at first, once they arrived and completed the install, all skepticism was gone! Really impressed with the end results, good looking, solid repair to my old columns.”

K. E. – Pierre, SD (Strong Way Column)
“As a builder I am always looking for new ways to improve our buildings. These columns are the #1 reason I sold this job, Thanks Strong Way!”

L. B. – Litchfield, IL (Strong Way Sleeve)
“These guys made a tough job really easy, I am thrilled with the results and my stable building”

M.A. – Fon DuLac, WI (Strong Way Sleeve)
“I installed the Sleeves by myself in a weekend, it was an easy job and I am very satisfied with the results!”

M. V. – Lincoln, IL (Strong Way Column)
“The choice was clear. I’ve used other products in the past and this is the best thing I have done for any building that I have built. There is no comparison between Steel and concrete compared to wood or concrete posts. The Strong Way Columns are perfectly level, plumb, and built to last!”

N. S. – Sheffield, IL (Strong Way Sleeve)
“My older Bonanza Building was in need of some help, other that the rotten columns this building is in great shape. These guys did a great job and I was really impressed with this no-dig option, If I need help in the future I know who I will call”