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The Sleeve

  • Strength. The Sleeve is laser cut & formed from a sheet of 10 gauge, galvanized, high strength American steel. Each standard sleeve contains (14) bends which adds a tremendous amount or rigidity and ensures that the repair is stronger than the column.
  • Durability. You want a repair that will last as long as the building. The Sleeve is a permanent repair and will last for generations. The Sleeve will never rot, split, twist, decay, or mold. Durability beyond what a wood column can provide.
  • Precision. The Sleeve is installed by expert crews using proprietary and patented machinery. We manufacture each sleeve to fit the column perfectly. Once installed, the Sleeve allows for the correction of settlement that may have occurred due to column decay or unstable footings.
  • Aesthetics. Once installed, the Sleeve offers a clean and efficient appearance. The galvanized finish keeps the sleeve looking great for decades to come.
  • Value. The Sleeve installs quickly, with little to no excavation required. That means most repairs are completed in a single day. Less time on site means less labor and less overall cost. No mess, no hassle, just a clean and strong repair so that you can get back to business.
  • Smart Design. The Sleeve has built-in uplift protection that engages as the sleeve is driven into the ground. The bottom edge has been tapered to ensure that the sleeve maintains a proper fit to the column. Utilizing the original footing and uplift components of the building, and installed without disturbing the soil or backfill. Function is the design.

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