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The Strong Way Column

  • Strength. When it comes to the foundation of your building, stronger is always better. The Strong Way Column is constructed of high strength steel and then backfilled with concrete. Concrete and steel, that is how the world’s tallest buildings are built. Proven over the ages to be the optimal foundation materials.
  • Durability. Knowing that your building investment will stand the test of time. The Strong Way Column is a permanent foundation that has been designed to outlast the building itself. Eliminates concerns of rot, insects, splitting, twisting, decay, mold, etc.
  • Precision. The Strong Way Column offers unmatched precision. Featuring 18” of height adjustability and accurate to within 1/32”. The column is placed and adjusted prior to being backfilled with concrete, this allows for total control and adjustability. The result is a perfectly level, plumb & square foundation.
  • Aesthetics. The moment that you walk into a building with a Strong Way Foundation, you immediately notice that it just looks better. Straight lines, plumb walls, and high quality construction combine to create a finished product like nothing else can.
  • Value. Everyone wants to get the most from their money, and a building purchase is a large investment. Investing in a Strong Way Foundation ensures that your dollars were wisely spent. The foundation of your building is the most critical element of the project. A small investment now will pay dividends for many generations to come. Now that is lasting value.
  • Foundation System. Combine the column with our exclusive galvanized steel grade board, and your buildings’ foundation will never decay or rot. There simply is nothing better.