The Board by Strong Way Systems

The Solution to Wood Grade Board

Add the strength and longevity of steel to your wood frame building.

Do your customers want the best?


  • Always straight
  • Dimensionally consistent
  • No rotting
  • No warping
  • No crowning
  • No cracking
  • No splitting
  • No twisting
  • No Shrinking
  • Impervious to insects and moisture
  • No worries/No-brainer


  • The strength of steel where it matters most
  • Available in longer lengths than wood
  • Fewer breaks around the perimeter


  • When used in combination with the the Column, it eliminates ALL wood to ground contact

The solution to the age-old problem of rotting wood at the ground level of post frame buildings.

It is the straightest, strongest, longest-lasting grade board available on the market today.

Available in multiple lengths up to 24’.

The Board by Strong Way Systems is the newest member to our foundation family.  We partnered with our friends at Chemcoaters to provide an impressive self-healing G-185 corrosion protection for your building. The Board is always straight, eliminates rot, insect damage, warping, crowning, cracking, splitting, twisting, and shrinking. When used in combination with the Column it produces the longest lasting, most precise post frame foundation system available on the market today.

The Board by Strong Way Systems incorporates a patented interactive coating technology that provides self-healing characteristics and extensive corrosion protection, even when up against grueling coastal environments. It offers builders an opportunity to completely eliminate wood to ground contact once and for all. The Board is laser straight and never twists, cups, or cracks. The tongue and groove design allows for multiple interlocking rows and the built-in index line allows for fast installation of base trims. The Board is designed specifically to work with the Column, but adaptable to other systems as well.